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I’d like to tell you a little story about my WordPress blog.

In the beginning, it didn’t really had many hits, and I couldn’t figure out why no one wanted to stay on my page for long. I had images, I had content, and I had a unique voice that I wanted to use to promote my new book.

But, you know how it goes. If something isn’t working, you have to fix it.

So, I started considering a new layout.

Layouts are critical, especially on the Web. You need to make sure your visitors can access and read your content without an issue.

Bold colors, bright pictures, and easy-to-read text are vital to success. For every 10 moderately attractive sites out there, you’d better believe that there is one knocking them out of the water.

Making yours that site is what your goal should be.

Fortunately, blogs on WordPress can easily be altered to have a new, exciting layout.

Some of the top layouts will really attract an audience. Using a website template for writers is superb. You don’t have to mess around with HTML or C++, and Flash is a thing of the past.

For instance, the Blogdrops theme comes with unlimited color choices, and it has a strong, easy-to-navigate layout that directs your audience to your main page.

That’s great, since folks won’t accidentally leave after clicking on your content.

BlogDrops WordPress Theme


Another theme I personally like is NewsSetter. It is an industrial-designed theme, which is very easy to read and bold enough to captivate any visitors. The theme is also perfect for iPhones, Android devices, and more, so you can get extra visitors from phone and tablet users.

NewsSetter WordPress theme


If you’re dying for a simple, cool theme, try Blogphix. The theme is elegant and simple, which is what everyone should aim for. It has a stylish appearance, and it includes an image with each post, so you can instantly catch a viewer’s attention. It has a scrolling layout, too, so it’s a new way to display your information and blog posts.

 Blogphix WordPress Theme


Another great theme is SoftPress, and I’d advise you to try it. It has a gentle appearance. It’s soft on the eyes, and it’s ideal for providing the background needed to boost the impact of images or bold text.

Softpress WordPress Theme

The “Fixed” WordPress theme is another example of exemplary work. It is simple, but it’s still elegant and eye-catching. It works well for photo blogs, link blogs, video blogs, and more. It has a clean design that is easy to maintain and get around. It’s ideal, really, for anyone looking to display content without a fuss.

Fixed WordPress Theme


Another choice you’ll want to consider, especially if you like Tumblr, is Hartee Writer. It literally makes your Web site look like Tumblr. It can be made into a responsive layout, which is absolutely perfect for those who want to reach a larger audience.

Now, sometimes a color can be a turn off, but not with this layout. You can choose from five different color schemes, making it perfect for your particular taste.

Hartee WordPress Theme


The Style, another WordPress theme for writers, uses large images to catch the attention of those visiting the site.

It has a cool, multilayered look that draws people in, and the crisp design makes it easy to navigate. It has a lot of cool features, too, like perpetual updates, secure code, and so on. It has excellent browser compatibility, which is massively important for those who want to reach a large audience of people both on tablets or smartphones and on computers, and it has five unique colors, so you can take the design into your own hands.

Although a little controversial with its bold color, it can be especially good for authors of illustrated books.

 Style WordPress Theme


Magnifique, well, it’s just that. :)

It’s so simple; you’ll wonder why you didn’t think about creating it yourself. It has a minimalist design, so you don’t need to set up sidebars, complicated settings, or widgets. It looks so clean that anyone will be able to understand how to view your work, and it will definitely let your work speak for itself.

Magnifique WordPress Theme


Another fun WordPress theme to use is Textural.

It is ideal for personal blogging pages, since it’s simple to navigate; but it can be expanded to suit your business needs by publishing stories, photo galleries, etc., which makes it both versatile and exciting to talk about.

The natural design is grey, white, and has a bit of green, which is easy on the eyes and great for keeping the attention of your audience. In fact, using simple color schemes is exactly what you should be aiming to do. This template makes it that much easier.

Textural WordPress Theme

The last template I’d like to talk to you about is Memoir.

It has a gorgeous design, especially if you love sunsets and the golden hour. It has four different color options, and you can choose the styles you want to use for fonts and other sections.

The design means there is little hassle for those visiting your page, so you won’t have visitors leaving because they don’t know how to get around your blog posts. That’s a huge benefit, and it will keep your visitors coming back time and time again.

Memoir WordPress Theme


Now, websites for writers vary a lot, and these are just a few choices you may want to consider before you decide what you want your site to look like.

Sites come in many forms, and WordPress is the major free blog platform available for your use, with a nominal fee on your own domain.

WordPress themes for writers come in many shapes and forms, so the choice is yours. Some are free, others are available for a charge, and there are even some custom options available.

Play around with your options!

You might just find what you’re looking for; I know I did.


By the way. Do you already have a Blog that Matters?


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